Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chin and Whisker Scritches and an Award.

My dad gives the best whisker scritches ever. His chin scritches are pretty good too.


We got the Happy Cat award from Lola Fannola at The Paw Relations.
The rules for this award are pretty simple. Just link back to the blog that gave you the award, list five things that make you happy and then pass the award onto 6 of your friends.

The five things that make us happy are:
1) My nippy carrot.
2) Snuggling on the compooter desk on my hairy blankie when mum is there.
3) Being zoom groomed and furminated.
4)Lying on my dad's head when he goes to bed.
5) Is from both of us and is going for walks around the fields with our mum.

We would like to pass it on to:
BeauBeau and Angie, Fin, Elin, Halle,Calle and Sukki, Abby, Laila and Minchie.


  1. Oh yea, those scritches look purrfect! And congrats on the cool award, your list was great! Have a wonderful scritchy weekend!!!

  2. Awww... clearly your dad knows all about the good spots that kittehs like so much. You are a lucky mancat. Oh, and concatulations on your award.

  3. Your dad is very skilled at giving those scritches! Looks like bliss to us. :-)

    Concats on your award!

  4. Congratulations on your award--and having a male who does good things like chin scritches!

  5. Those scrtiches looked heavenly! Plus I notice that he was letting someone else do the channel surfing, so he is quite rare for a male human!

    Congratulations on your award!

  6. We would has comminted sooner but when we sees your dad's scritches we demanded that we gets some JUST LIKE THAT! It was very nice.
    We hears Barber's "Adegio for Strings" in da background, we loves that song, mommy codes to it quite often. It makes her happy which makes us purr.
    We loves how your dad loves you guys!

  7. That movie is way too cute! You sure are enjoying those scritches!

  8. Oh, how sweet! Do you think your dad would give us whisker and chin scritches too?

    Thanks for the award!

  9. Concats on your award! Now THAT'S scritchies!

  10. We love those scritches too. And walks, and sleeping on heads. Good list!

  11. ConCats on your award! Those are five very good things to be happy for.
    We had Mommy watch the video twice to learn the whisker skritch technique properly. We've never had those before...but we will this evening, cou can count on it.

  12. Concats and thanks boys!!

  13. Eric, you sure were loving all that attention! With good reason, your Dad sure knows what makes you happy! Our Mom is going to see if that scratching technique works on us - we'll keep you posted!

    Have a Happy Weekend!

    ~Nico & JayJay :)

    Ps. Congrats on your award!

  14. What a sweet video; Eric loves his Daddy, he looks so happy=the purrfect video for your Happy Cat Award!...Congratulations and thanks so much for thinking of us...Happy weekend handsome boys!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. WOW! Yoor dad is an awesome scritcher!

  16. You are one happy-faced man-cat! I love having my whisker-humps scritched too!


  17. I think you could sell this as a training video for all the new cat dads out there! Congratulations on your award too.

  18. I love having my chin scratched too...and behind my ears.
    Congrats on your award,
    Madi and Mom

  19. Your face said it all Eric - that was utter bliss wasn't it - scritches from your Dad and lots of fussies too.

  20. Your dad is a master scritcher! He works with the hands of concert pianist or great artist! Our mum is going to watch your video a few more times so she can further improve her technique. Your face is so sweet, Eric, that if it were our mum scritching you, she'd stop scritching and start kissing!
    Congrats on your award. Mum didn't know what a zoom groom is so she looked it up. We'll be getting one today!

  21. Oh yeah...that's how it's done!

  22. Eric, you look like you were in total heaven!!!!!! Made us wish we had a dad to get scritches from!!!!!!

    Kudos on your award....loved reading the things that made you happy.

    We love you guys. xxxxxxx

  23. I don't know why it is, but Daddy's seem to be better at scritchin' in general! I think they're a little rougher than Moms and some kitties like that -- as you do, obviously.

    That's a lovely award. Congratulations.

  24. wow your DAD is fabulous! Wonderful video!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  25. WOWSIE....what great skritches!!! You are so lucky!!! Love the video!

  26. Can your dad come over to our house and do that to us?? From the look on your face, it must feel really really good!!

    Congrats on your award!

  27. You look like that is real good! Congratulations on the award! You are lucky that you can lie on your dad's head in bed!

  28. Oh, dem skrithces look awesome! We is gonna make dad watch dis so he can do ours.

  29. Hmmmm, those look like great scritches, I'n gonna ask my mum to do the same for me...

    Congrats on the award.

    Purrs from Gotchi


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