Saturday, July 10, 2010

Awards Catch Up.

We have had some more awards but we have been a bit slow posting about them.

We got the Beautiful Blogger award from Tigger. We already had this award and you can read about it here. Thanks Tigger.

We also got the June Happy Cat award from Calle, Halle and Sukki and they said:
We are very thankful to our handsome friend, Sherkhan for giving us the June Happy Cat Award; Sherkhan gives a new Happy Cat Award out on the 21st of each month...This month there are no rules, you should just pass it on to 6 blogs that you wish to thank.
Thank you to our three beautiful lady friends.

We would like to pass it on to:
Wendy and the 3D's for all the great LOL's they do for everybody.
Luna for all her beautiful photos.
The Monkeys for a triple helping of tortitude, and of course not forgetting handsome Samson.
Rumbles and Inigo for.....well just for being them and being the biggest flirts that we know.
Madi because she is such a sweet ladycat.
Brian and his sisters because they are such a close family.

We also got the Life is Good award from Nico, Simon and JayJay

This award is for us Moms who help our kitties blog. Answer the questions, then pick five Moms to pass it along to!

1. What would your perfect day consist of?
A lie in in the morning, something I only get when we are on holiday, then a nice lazy day relaxing in the garden, then a Thai takeaway in the evening.

2. How would you describe yourself if you were an item of clothing?
A pair of jeans - old but practical.

3. What hobbies are you currently working on?
We have a rose garden where all the cats that came before are buried. When the hedge was taken down for the 'purrison' fence to go up, it gave an extra three foot depth all the way along. I am trying to get all the old brambles and weeds out and make it into a larger memorial garden.

4. Walking in the woods in wellies or bare foot on the beach?
Definitely barefoot on the beach. I spend the winter in wellies in the mud!
5. Have you ever hugged or sang to a tree?
Only if you count when I used to have to rescue Eric from the big oak tree which when he was younger, he used to climb and forget how to get back down.
6. Growing your own veggies or nipping to the supermarket?
A bit of both.
7. Have you found anyone exciting in your family tree?
No, I haven't looked.
8. Slap up meal in a posh restaurant or fish ‘n’ chips from the wrapper?
Slap up meal.

9. Which element do you most resonate with, Earth, Air, Fire or water?
I am a Leo, so fire, but I don't think I am at all typical of a Leo

10. Do you believe in fairies?

We should pass it on to 5 other mums now but we have been slow doing it so we don't know who has and hasn't done it yet. If you haven't done it and you want to, please take the award for yourself.


  1. You two are so nice, thanks for sharing with us...made all of our whiskers grin up!!!

  2. Congratulations on all the awards; we enjoyed your Mum's answers and getting to know her a little better...We gave you guys the happy cat award because we love you handsome boys and visiting with you always makes us happy!...Have a fun weekend sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. You gets lots of rewards. Dis cause everybody loves you (us too!) We likes your mum's answers, speshul her purrfect day. We wants to do that too!

  4. What a great bunch of awards. Happy weekend!

  5. ConCats on your awards! We enjoyed reading your Mom's answers to the meme. We don't have a memorial garden, but Mommy has the ashes of Her Angel Kitties in the bedroon on a special shelf. Could we see your Memorial Garden someday?

  6. Congrats on all the awards. Glad to see you guys. Rescuing Eric from the oak tree sounds like it would be hilarious after the first few times.

  7. Aww, thanks my friends!! We're honored not just by the award, but by being the biggest flirts you know!! hehehe!

  8. Concats on the awards. We love your blog!

  9. Concats on the awards. We enjoyed your yoor answers to the questions and are gonna volunteer our mom to answer them!

  10. oh guys, concatulations for these cute awards, you blog is very special and I'm your fan!
    Thanks for passing it to me, I'm honored!Thanks for your friendship.I came from Brazil to live in Luxembourg, and since that time when I was in Brazil we have been good friends, it's so valuable, I'm so happy because we are friends! And now we are neighbors!
    love you guys!
    Luna :)

  11. Congrats on all your awards!! The PM has been super slack on posting ours too. Have to get on that PM!!!!

    Now the PM is craving Thai!

  12. It's nice to learn about your mum!

  13. We enjoyed reading yout Mum's answers to the Life is Good Award -especially hearing about Eric! We don't have a memorial garden - no room in our garden but we have a spot where the ashes of "all those who have gone before" are scattered.
    Have a good day and try to keep cool!!

  14. Great post - always nice to learn more about kitties mums!!!

  15. Eric and made Madi's little pink nose blush with your very kind comments...we happily accept the Happy Cat Award and will post it proudly on our sidebar!!
    Big hug to to two handsome man cats from their Southern Belle,

  16. Congratulations on all your great awards!

  17. PS Eric and Flynn
    Mom just added the lovely badge to our Monday (July 12) post too. It makes us smile.

  18. Congratulations on all your awards! We enjoyed reading more about your mom! We've gotten some awards over the last few months, but we've given up pestering our mom in posting them. She's a lost cause.....

  19. ConCatulations on those pawsome awards!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  20. Congrats on your awards. You are so wonderful, you deserve every award that comes along!

  21. Great awards for a great site and an even greater family. We look forward to seeing you each day and so enjoy being a part of your day. Mum loves the sense of joy and contentment you convey in your posts. Because of your mum and dad's generosity, we have shared your life and adventures on your beautiful farm and feel like part of the family.
    We've moved so often in the past that she had kept the angel kitty ashes with her. She has always dreamed of a memorial garden.

  22. Congrats on your awards. Did they come with some treats ?

  23. Thank you very much for giving us the Happy Cat award. It makes a lot of sense because of the LOLs. We already have this award, but we thank you very kindly for thinking of us.

  24. Concatulations on all the awards!!

  25. Congratulations on your awards! We have a problem making our Mom do them too, but thank you so much for passing one along to us!