Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Flashback, Caturday Art and a Puzzle.

This week the flashback comes from September 2011 and is soon after the boys started wearing the camera. I will probably do some of their photography posts in the coming weeks.

Flynn: I've been thinking that maybe it isn't fair if I lie around taking it easy while Eric is taking photos, So I decided to go with him.

Come on Eric, no slacking, you have work to do.

Eric: All right, don't nag. Walking is very tiring especially with a camera around your neck.

I will see if there are any badgers here for me to photograph.

Flynn: Come on Eric, they won't be around during daylight. Follow me and keep your head up or you will only get close ups of the grass.

Eric: Is that better?

Slow down Flynn, this grass is very thick to walk through.

Flynn: STOP!!!
Eric: Why, what's wrong?
Flynn: Nothing, but you need to stand still like this to get a good photo.

Flynn: Right that will do. We can go back home now. Hurry up and follow me.

Flynn: Come on Eric. Do I always have to get behind you to hurry you along?

Eric: That Flynn is such a slave driver that I am completely tired out now.

Here is my version of one of the photos from this post for the Caturday Art.
I started with Flames at 35%, then Landscape at 50%, Scribble at 30% then added Flames again at 20% to bring a bit of colour back.

You can see more art with Athena the Cat Goddess.

Click on the photo below to take you to Jigsaw Planet to do the puzzle.
preview99 pieceEric and Flynn


  1. We remember the cams. And no one did Potted Kitteh like your boys.

  2. We always loved the cameras! Your art is especially nice.

  3. My human remembers the cameras! Sparkle had a camera, but her photos weren't anywhere near as interesting as Eric's.

  4. you two made every place to your catwalk... like super models ;O)

  5. I have to say - the photos of the boys trailing each other on their adventures are my FAVORITES...they were such incredibly close brothers and what wonderful times they had hunting in the fields. Would love to see some of Eric's fabulous photos too!!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mm

  6. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely!
    I still think the bestest photos
    ever..are the ones of Eric and, or
    Flynn in the flower pots...They always
    make me chuckle...Bless!xx

  7. We always enjoyed their photos with the cam and totally love any and all pot photos!

  8. The boys always had so much fun together.

  9. Wonderful flashback. I always enjoy reading of their adventures. I did the puzzle, it took me 28 minutes and 6 seconds, but I wasn't signed in so it didn't record it :( XO

  10. doodz....theeze fotoz thiz week iz awesum...N haz one oh R fave o rite potz seenz !!!

    flynn; dood, eye cracked up at this ree mark
    'need to stand still like this to get a good photo. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    we iz off now ta due de puzzle; letz see if we can finizh bee fore an hour goez bye ! ☺☺☺

  11. 39:31....

    well. itz better N an hour !! ☺☺♥♥

  12. Brothers make the world go 'round .... and one never hears the end of it afterward!

  13. We so enjoyed when the boys wore the camera. A cats eye view is so different from ours. It will be so much fun to see those photos again!
    Love your artwork today. It reminds me of either a painting or watercolor that I’ve seen and enjoyed. Mad about the way Flynnie’s stripes show up so well.

  14. We always love the way Eric and Flynn went around the yard together. We almost never do that.

  15. Wow, you two are like joggers going through that grass. I got tired just watching you. mol
    The Artsy photo is wonderful. Just the right blends of colours.


  16. oh my goodness I remember this post! So much fun! xoxo

  17. What an adventure! Your art looks awesome--I really like the color and texture when you biggify it! :)

  18. Mom and I always enjoyed your walking camera and all the things it captured
    Hugs madi your bfff

  19. Lovely photos and art. The art goes well with the boys' colouring :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  20. We remember when the boys wore the camera and took those photos. That artwork is magical!

  21. Flynn, be gentle with Eric. He was overweight and can't walk as fast as you. Whoa! The art is cool. It's like you're walking through flames.

  22. Awww, those two boys were quite the explorers, weren't they? Great artwork, by the way. Happy Rest of Your Weekend, y'all.

  23. Oooh I am so looking forwards to seeing Eric and Flynn's pictures. The adventures they have around your estate make mine look a bit tame. I think I may get a camera too, not for me mind you but Mrs Hudson would be good and I could see what she gets up to when she goes shopping MOL
    Toodle pips and purrs

  24. Two peas in a pod those two! Email me if you're going to Cat Fest in London. I'm planning on going.

  25. That was so much fun when Eric and Flynn were taking pictures.Like how you did the art work. Good job. Have a good week.

  26. I bet those cameras captured some pretty fun adventures!

  27. I was always surprised that the boys would wear the camera. They were well-behaved boys, they were.

    1. none better in all the UK..maybe Austin mancat furriend.

  28. That puzzle was hard, MOL! But fun:)

    Lovely strolls that Eric and Flynn had together.

    I think I fixed the google blog to show a better link up to the wordpress blog. I have tried and tried to get my google blog back to plain blogger but will not allow it, though the 'button' is there, it is not activated. So frustrating.

  29. Quite the adventurous pair of cats Eric and Flynn, but Flynn sure was bossing Eric around an awful lot. By the way, what program are you using to make the Caturday Art?

    World of Animals

  30. Enjoy these pix from the past of Eric & Flynn. :)

  31. You boys were such a good team! (Even if Flynn did work you hard Eric ;p)

    Always lovely to see the boys again, discovering the world together :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  32. Mee-you Lady Jackie what a GRATE bloggie post!!! mee felt like mee was rite there with Eric an Flynn. An yur foto art iss pawsum!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  33. You always make us smile, angels Eric and Flynn. So good that you stood still for the camera too😸 We're going to do the puzzle of yours, we like that, but I think this one is as hard as the strawberry puzzle of miss Ellen, that we finished in 87...minutes....don't laugh now, angel took us three days to finish it and now yours with all the grass...but practice makes purrfect right. So cross your paws for me, here we go... Pawkisses for a wonderful day :) <3

  34. Wow! I enjoyed this post so much. I never get tired of seeing the boys and it seems I never get enough, either. Thanks for sharing memories and taking in the great big wide world for us! - Tom x

  35. Boys, I remember that camera and your photo expeditions. Maybe mom can find a few of those blogs with your results for us to see. XXXX

  36. Yoo got some really nice photos of Eric and Flynn. I love that they got to explore the tall grass. That looks like such fun. I especially love that last shot above them with the color added. Really nice!


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