Friday, September 11, 2020

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art.

I have another selection of one photo posts which are all relaxing or tummies.

September 2007:  It's raining again so there's nuffin else for it, we're just going to haf to sleep Sunday away on the bed together. Today is our 200th post!

Eric August 2007:  This is the evil black fing that steals the Beans clothes and makes them go on Holly days to look for them. When mum finished unpacking. I tried to skwash it to make sure it couldn't git the clothes back inside it again. You can see my nice pink paw pads and a bit of my tummy.

Flynn  August 2007:  Go on, tickle me, you know you want to. I promise I won't bite or claw.

Eric Fat Butt Friday August 2007. Do you mind??? It just means there's more of me to cuddle.

Flynn with nippy carrot October 2007

Eric Wordless Wednesday August 2007

Flynn Tummy Tuesday October 2007
Today yer gitting two tummies furr the price of one. Oh all right, they're both my tummies, but I wuz making the most of a nice sunspot, so yoo got me furrom two angles doing a Full Monty wiv a twist.

My random photo this week comes from 27th May 2013 and was chosen by the Trout Towne Tabbies. It was only 2 months after Eric had left and you can see the sadness in Flynn's face.
If anyone has any dates they want, let me know in the comments.

I am joining Athena, The cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

I used Scribble at 30%, then added Red Blush at 70%
Click on the small picture for the puzzle.
preview108pieceCaturday Art 12.09.20
I am also joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for Feline Friday.


  1. Love those sweet and cozy tummy boys! Your art is fabulous!!!

  2. That's a lot of lazy cat pictured there. But when you are safe and fed, loved and warm, it's what you do, right? And I loved seeing Flynn brightened by the sun. What a good life they had.

  3. Those boys had the best softest tummies! The Human wonders if they ever got used as pillows by the Humans?? Actiually, *I* would like to have curled up right in between them--it would be like sleeping on a fluffy cloud! XOXO

  4. Tummies on pussy~cats are there
    to be tickled..if they'll let you..
    AND..not many will...! :o).

  5. we love the carrot photo... you can be like carrot top in a special way, well done!!!

  6. I love all these cuddle and tummy shots!

  7. Their lovely memories always shows how contented and happy they were :-)

    Have a bellyrubtastic safe weekend 😷😷😷

  8. such sweet kitties and memories! Thanks for sharing them!

  9. Angels Eric and Flynn knew how to love and live each day with nature and especially with their adoring humans.
    They were two devoted brothers
    Hugs cecilia

  10. Such precious memories. We do the same here, but you do it better.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. ♥

    Love these images!
    Thank for the puzzle, am off to play!

  12. Oh those glorious boys.....I can see the sadness in Flynn's face indeed. I can still remember how in the midst of the sadness of Flynn passing I was happy that he and his beloved brother would be together again.

    Hugs, Pam

  13. flynn: eye iz sorree dood....we will try N pix better fotoz .... ♥♥♥♥♥

    thiz weekz art peace iz total awesum....& eric...glad ewe waz abe bull ta help mum get sum pea sea werk done :) ☺☺☺

    12 24 2008....6 19 2008....2 14 2009 ....7 4 2009
    10 10 2010....3 19 2010.....4 1 2011....1 17 2011
    5 20 2012....8 15 2012 :) .... 9 27 2013.... and
    11 27 2013 :) ♥♥

  14. Wonderful photos, especially the tummy shots.

  15. Aww, I loved today's photos of the boys.

  16. OMC! Flynn looks like a kitten lying with Eric. Love the fotos and art and thanx for the puzzle. TW's been suffering with vertigo but she's gonna try the tunnel.

    1. Er, try the puzzle. That's whzt happens when there's a loud tv behind TW when she types.

  17. Great flashback. I love the photo of Eric trying to squash the suitcase. Thank you for the puzzle. XO

  18. Oh! Oh! Oh! Yous made Mom all gooey! Those tummy shots gets her every time! She LOVES Eric in the suitcase and squishing Dad and laying in front of the computer! And the puzzle was fun!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Komo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

  19. Such sweet memories!
    All those snuggles and bellies, ahhh!

  20. Sometimes it is hard to find that perfect position to be comfortable in.

  21. Thanks for the pillow commentary, hee hee hee! Good times!

  22. What wonderful memories of Eric and Flynn. They had the best bellies! XO

  23. We love the togetherness photos and the tummies, too! - Purrs, Tom, Bridget and Penny xoxo

  24. The Boys were gorgeous and together all their days. We love seeing them like that.

  25. Flynn's two Full Monty Tummy Tuesday shots cracked us up--he held NUFFING back! XOXO

  26. Relaxing and tummies, the best kind of posts!

  27. Eric there was a lot of you to love on and isnt that what matters. Flynn you have such a snorgle tummy. Great photos and thanks for sharing each of them. We would like to see October 8th and October 15th if you have them. Purrs

  28. relaxing and tummies always make the best photos~

  29. Such precious kitties and adorable memory photos ~ what a treasure!

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  30. Aww...looks like the tummies are all opened up for a speedy Pawkiss😸Love the artwork, Jackie. Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

  31. Flynn, I know your mommy and daddy gave you many many snuggles and kisses to help that lonely feeling. We all out here wish we could have done the same for you. XXXXX How about 25 September 2011?


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