Friday, November 11, 2022

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art

As I said last week, I have found the first posts of the boys wearing the camera.Flynn did it first and this one is from 24.01.2011.

Yes, you were all right. I was wearing a collar for the first time in my nearly 11 years of life! This is the reason why.

Our friend Emerson won a pet camera in a competition from Skeezix but said as he was indoors only he thought we would get more interesting photos than him.
Mum decided I should be the one to try it first as I explore more than Eric but he will be trying it later. She bought a collar and put that on me indoors for a few minutes at a time to get me used to it then a couple of days later put the camera on the collar. I wasn't very sure about it but I didn't freak out. She said she was surprised how good I was with it. Then she let me go in the garden wearing it for a few minutes. She won't let me go in the fields with it for a few days yet. Here are some of my first photos.

My very first photo. I hid in the cube to start with and these are the fev-vers on my fev-ver butt mousie.

Then I decided to look under the dining room chair.

When I realised that the thing hanging on my neck wasn't going to strangle me, I ventured outdoors and looked at the greenhouse.

Mum followed me to make sure I was all right, and of course she had to take photos of me taking photos.

Walking down to the hedge. Interesting things like mousies live under there.

I sat down and focused on a blade of grass so I could get a good photo of it.

Not bad for a beginner eh?

Then I thought I would have a nom on it.

Nom nom nom.

Okay, that's enough for my first attempt! I'm going back to the fire. There were a lot more photos than this but most were blurry when I kept lying down trying to hide the camera in the beginning. Mum was surprised how clear the other ones came out though.

Next up is Eric's first time with camera from 26.01.11

Mum put the camera on me today and told me I could go and take some photos.

I jumped off the bed, past the chest of drawers....

.....and past our cube. You can just see Flynn's ear in there.

I headed out to the garden. We think the white stripes in the photo are my long whiskers.

I went down the garden towards the big shed....

....before heading for the Azaleas. That scruffy blue cord is where mum wants to put edging for the shrubs. Mum said the Azaleas look more like trees from my perspective.

I was braver than Flynn and  me and mum went down the track to the fields to take photos.

Yikes! I took a photo of mum's feet.
That was all we got because silly mum forgot to delete Flynn's photos from the camera and it was full up. She has set it to delete every time she downloads now so she doesn't make that mistake again.
Guess what. Flynn was asleep in the cube and didn't even know we had been out Har har har!

We are joining Athena, the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art and using the photo of Eric wearing the camera on the bed.

I used Psychedelic at 55%, then Delaunay at 45%.

108pieceCaturday Art 12.11.22
I am also joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for the blog hop.


  1. Oh, what fun! What set the camera off? Was it anything the cats did, or did it just take a picture every so often at a preset time? It's got me curious.

  2. Oh I so wanted to have a cat camera for Beau Beau since he wandered farther away than he should have. But then he might have lost the camera! So fun looking at the photos the boys took.

  3. Seeing things from their purrspective was always lots of fun!

  4. I love seeing those pictures. What a great invention, and a wonderful gift from Emerson.

  5. the mama wants a cam for us too... but think there are too much photos of crime LOL

  6. This series is priceless! The boys are amazing (they need their own "nature show" on the
    telly!) ... keep going, we love it.

  7. The boys did great, especially considering it was their first time with the camera. It's pretty neat to see things from a kitty's perspective!

  8. Your boys did a great job at everything they did. They were purrfect.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend, Jackie. Big hug. ♥

  9. I love these! I really do find it interesting to see things from their level!

  10. These 'on the paw' pics are terrific!
    Love them; it's like being along for the ride.
    We thank all Veterans for their service, two-footed or four-pawed/hooved!

  11. MOL MOL MOL I love it!!
    A cat's eye view is way better than a bird's eye view.
    Thank you for finding this Jackie!
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. Those were fun photos to look at and I am sure you took photos of whiskers!

  13. Aww! what fun story and memories :-)

    Have an adveturetastic week 👍

  14. Well, boys, I'm quite impressed. Hollywood, here you come! Looks like a lot of fun. Mom's catwork is very pretty. Hope Mom and Dad are doing well. Until next time...Jean

  15. Great photos guys! I particularly like the ones of your Moum's feet! And your art this week Eric is spectacular! Mom and I can't wait to do the puzzle! Keep being awesome guys! Purrs Marv

  16. That was sweet of their friend to send them the camera. Both boys did a great job getting photos. Thank you for the puzzle. XO

  17. 25:39 for the puzzle. Thanks! I was able to complete it in one sitting today. :-) I enjoyed the photos and narration, as always. Happy Caturday! :D

  18. That was a fun post, and a lot of those pictures that Eric made were great!

  19. "She had to take photos of me taking photos" MOL! I love seeing things from a cat's eye view.

  20. We love how Eric and Flynn were able to get their own camera from Emerson. They really did get some interesting and amazing photos! XO

  21. I hate to admit you but Eric is much better at this than Flynn. That foot pic is a winner.

  22. Loving the camera photos, though I would probably bite Mum before I let her place one around my neck. Great art as always!

  23. What a wonderful gift! And the boys did furry well, considering it was their furrst time!

  24. How cool! The camera looks a bit BIG for a kitty but you boys both did an excellent job catching "life on the farm" and I know your Mum was proud of both of you!!

    Hugs, Teddy

  25. I think it's a good thing I don't have one of those cameras. I know I'd call in sick to school to play with cats and it for days. For real. I loved looking at your photos.

  26. What a wonderful gift for the boys. They took some lovely pictures, although I don't think they would have won any prizes in a photographic competition! Ha-ha.

  27. I'm back and what a sweet surprise to see the boys with their photo jaunts results! Eric did some great work, but so did Flynn! I'm happy every time we get to see these. XXm Made my morning.

  28. We loved those. Life from a cat POV is differnt from a Bein's.

    To this day, TBT keeps offerring/threatening to buy one. We would like ta show him "our" world, but not by wearing one. We won't even keep loose collars on. MOL!

  29. Your own camera, how exciting ! Those are some cool shots ! Purrs

  30. "She had to take pictures of me taking pictures ..."

    That's such a MOM thing to do, isn't it? ~Latte


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