Friday, June 25, 2021

Friday Flashback and Caturday Art and Update.

An Update.

We were supposed to go away on Tuesday so thankfully I already had this post scheduled. Ivor and I would like to thank everyone for all the good wishes and kind thoughts and badges which I will add to my sidebar tomorrow. I have a lot of emails to answer which I will do over the next few days. I can't do them all right away as my brain is still a bit confused but that will get better.

I got home Thursday evening and was very glad to do so. I have had a CT scan of my brain and also an MRI brain scan which was horrendous, especially as I don't like enclosed places.

The CT scan showed there were no blood clots so the neurology consultant is thinking along the lines of two TIAs. The MRI showed a very tiny dot in the centre of my brain which could possibly be from  the metastatic cancer. She is not convinced it is that but has spoken with my oncologist suggesting he has a consultation with me and possibly another MRI in a few weeks. If I have to have another MRI brain scan they can sedate me first. I consider myself fairly brave, but there is no way I could go through it again without sedation. 

Friday Flashback.

Eric had the post last week, so this week it is Flynn's turn and comes from May 2008.

Don't you think I look sweet showing off my tummy furr tuesday?

Hehe, well this is what I wuz doing right befurr that!

Nom nom nom, I'm chomping on a nice big fat joosy mousie.

Mmmmm that wuz yummy. Now where's mum so I can give her a nice big kiss.

Eric gets the random photo this week. The Trout Towne Tabbies requested 4.07.09 but the nearest I have to that date is 7.07.09.
Horse drinking water is much better than your own!

I am joining Athena the Cat Goddess for Caturday Art.

For Flynn I only used one filter, P Sketch at 50%.

For Eric I started with Floating at 65% then added Picasso at 50%.

preview108pieceCaturday Art Flynn 26.06.21
preview108pieceCaturday Art Eric 26.06.21
I am also joining Sandee at Comedy Plus for the blog hop.


  1. Thank you for the update! I've been purring for you nonstop over here!

  2. I like the flashback post :)
    Mum and I will be sending lots of good vibes to you.
    Hugs and purrs!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Such a nice post of those sweet boys. I sure am glad you're home, that's the best news we've had all week, please take care, we sending best and happy thoughts your way. If you hear some rumbling, those are purrs incoming too. Hugs.

  4. Glad you are feeling better and back home on the farm.

    Julie and poppyq

  5. Miss Jackie, I am purring my very best purrs for you. ~Ernie

  6. In Lucy's memoryJune 25, 2021 at 2:27 AM

    I'm fairly new here...but your post touched my heart. I am sending prayers and blessings your way. Sharing your boys says so much what a giving and kind soul you are. I am reading from the beginning and am in 2011 now, but look forward to the Friday flashbacks so much. I wish I had known about these posts back when I was going through my own cancer challenges (twice) but am so grateful I eventually found them. They are enjoyed! Boy, that horse trough water sure looks refreshing. Love your artwork. God Bless you from across the miles. Jean

  7. I wish you all the best. ~praying~ And alongside Jean I send blessings. Take care!

  8. Jackie! We are so happy that you are feeling better. I have to agree about the MRIs! I really find being locked in that machine one of the most distressing things ever! I love the "chomping on a nice big fat joosy mousie. and then finding and kissing Mom". That have been happening here A LOT these days. We have had an exploding Mouse and Vole population and Kozmo and Marv are having the time of their lives! THe Mayor and Mr D are ecstatic that "The Boys" are killing the rodents. And the Boys are glad because the Mayor and Mr D are giving them treats for their kills! Then then come home and kiss their Mom.
    Mouses! Mouse Breath!
    Take care dear friend I am glad you are home and we will continue to purray!

  9. we love to eat mousies too... they are like a snack from disney land ;O) we send lots of potp and pawsitive thoughts to you and we cross all our paws for good news...

  10. As always, the Angel boys' flashback is a treat, but more importantly, we're glad you're home, although we're sorry the treatment wasn't spectacular for you. Thanks for updating everyone on your status, Jackie, and we'll keep sending purrs and healing thoughts your way.

  11. Home ~ where your heart is, with Ivor by your side. Be strong, have faith. Stay well dear friend. You are in our prayers, with love as always.

  12. Jackie, we're so glad to read the update and hope another MRI won't be necessary. The biped has had only one, for a groin issue, and it certainly wasn't "fun." Eyes tightly shut the entire time!

    We are continuing to send our purrs and purrayers to you, and to Ivor too. ♥

    Derry and Kim

  13. Hey Jackie and thank you for taking the time to update all. On today's post I have a little ditty for you made from your name.
    Always so positive
    Cats R HER
    Everyone's friend

    Sending so many hugs and prayers

  14. We're purring and praying for you.

    Great artwork and thanks for the puzzles.

    The Florida Furkids

  15. So glad you're home and I know you will rest better THERE than at the hospital. I do hope that spot will stay tiny and that your medical consultants say it's not something for you to worry about. Your "fuzzy thinking" will go away soon - but just know that all of us LOVE you and are thinking about you and Ivor. I send you a hug from Teddy too!

    Love, Pam

  16. I'm glad you're back home and you are prayed for with big hugs being sent your way! :) <3

  17. Thank you so much for the update. You've been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard you were in the hospital. I'm with you on the MRI. Awful and if I have to have one again please sedate me.

    Aw on Flynn. What a handsome mancat he was.

    Thank you for joining the Feline Friday Blog Hop.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday and weekend. Big healing hugs, Jackie. ♥

  18. Oh! I wish you all the best! Good health! I wish you well!
    I noticed (on my blogroll) that you didn't post a photo on My Holiday Photos and I thought something was wrong, and then I searched. I found out on Sandee's blog.
    Eric and Flynn was so cute! ❤️

  19. Thank goodness you are home again. I hope there are no more effects from this episode than what you are already fighting off. All your friends hope to read good things from you in the future. But whatever happens, know that we are thinking about you and Ivor.

    (And I’m sure you enjoyed that big kiss from Flynn after his wild meal…)

  20. I hope your feeling ok now from the scan effects they are not nice at all I hope all goes OK with your next one

    I liked the nice flashbacks always brings a smile to my face :-)

    Have a restfultastic weekend 👍

  21. We are so glad that you are home. MRI scans are not fun at all. Especially on your head. We hope that the oncologist says that it isn't cancer, and perhaps just TIAs, although that isn't good either. We just send you tons of positive vibes, healing purrs and warm thoughts. All of us at Forty Paws say, "Smooch!"

  22. I'm glad you're home and feeling better. Sending you lots of good thoughts! And what a fun flashback today.

  23. dood.....we noe mum wooda troo lee N joyed yur mouse breath :) and eric....ewe got that rite buddy; horse waterz iz WAY better N peepulz waterz.. awesum snap shot

    we iz buzzed happee mum iz home and doin aye oh kay....pleez ta tell her IF....IF....her kneadz a nother scan ta ask for "open side"

    her N dad bee in R prayerz all de time ♥♥♥

  24. Nice to see Eric and flynn again this week. So glad you are back home and wishing the new tests results come back with nothing serious.

  25. Just sent you an email, I'm so sorry I keep misspelling Ivor's name. Sending you TONS of healing prayers. I'm with you on the MRI. Praying you don't have to have another, but if they do, YES make them sedate you!!! Frankly, if it were me I would want them to knock me out! I am so happy you are home though xoxo

  26. I am glad you are home from the hospital. I am praying for you. Very sweet flashback, Flynn loved his mousies. XO

  27. Oh thank the maker you are doing better. So happy to see your post today. SO HAPPY!! May you continue to feel better!!! Lovely photos of those sweet boys and love the artwork!

  28. Sending lots of purrs and hugs!
    Will play puzzle soon; I love the way Angel Flynn's stripey tailio sticks out straight.

  29. We are so thankful for your good news update. Our huMom had an MRI of her back and had to go in the tube far enough that she vowed to have them hit her over the head with a rubber mallet if she ever had to have a head MRI so we are sending extra purrayers and POTP !

  30. We're so happy to read your update! We've been sending non-stop purrs in your direction! Lots of love from all of us,
    Midnight & Cocoa
    Mini & Fluff
    Tyler & Marty
    Beeb, Beanie & Bella

  31. Precious photos and art of the boys. Sending you lots of healing purrs.

  32. We are so glad to hear you are home. You will remain in our thoughts and prayers. We hope all will be well again soon. Hugs.

  33. Flynn we sure enjoyed seeing that wonderful tummy of your and are really jealous that you had that juicy mousie. Yum So glad Mom is home and we will be sending lots of purrs and prayers to her and Ivor

  34. Lots of prayers for you, Ms. Jackie, that you will be fully well soon.

    Love the pictures, the boys sure did have a great life.

  35. Flynn, I love seeing your skills and tummy! XXXX Tell Mom that I have been thinking of her all this time since she had to go to the hospital. XX

  36. Thinking of you and sending many good strong healthy wishes - and purrs from our boys.

  37. Your art of the boys is beautiful as always.

    Sending you healing purrs and hugs xx

  38. Great post and great artwork.

    I'm thinking about you and sending you best wishes, prayers and hugs. Take care.

  39. So extra happy to see this post and to hear you’re home. Continued purrs coming across the pond. I may not blog hop much anymore but you’ll always be one of my all time favorite bloggers xoxo

  40. Sending you lots of healing purrz. We're hoping for the best. Get better so TW can too. No pressure at all. MOL!
    Flynn was always a great hunter. I'll bet that mouse was nommy.

  41. I'm very glad you are home, the kitties and I have been purring for you. I enjoyed your flashback pictures of Flynn, and the beautiful art.

  42. We love the flashback post with Eric and the mousie meal. Mom Jackie, we most certainly are purring and praying for you. We're glad you are home. With much love - Ava, Kevin and Tracey

  43. What a fun flashback...and thanks for those puzzles.

    I am glad you are home again, but it sure is worrisome when you have to endure all those tests and not know the how and why and then to wait for results, etc. I am praying for your well being and sure hope that *spot* is NOT the evil C messing with you again.

  44. We appreciate the update and are glad you are home.

    Flynn was one of the best, love him still.

  45. Flynn has a gorgeous tummy and both pieces of art are beautiful.
    We are purraying for you, Ms. Jackie. And so is Mummy.

  46. Fabulous picture of you, sweet Angel Flynn. I wish I could share that mousie with you😸 Healing Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😽💞
    Oh, Jackie, we hope so that you feel better soon and cross my paws that you don't have to go in that MRI ever again. Granny had one a long time ago, but she doesn't go in there ever again too. They had to get her out of it and she was so confused and deadly pale that the people who were after her, thought they saw a ghost, can't say who were more anxious that moment🙀

  47. So sorry to hear you are not doing well. I had a brain MRI recently and I can totally empathize - it is such a horrible feeling to be so contained in a small space! Our thoughts are with you!

  48. Lovely flashback of Flynn, and those MRI scanners are dreadful, the P.A. had to have a brain scan in October and freaked out when they put the cage over her face and 'locked' her in place. Hope you're on the mend and we send oodles of healing vibes. XX

  49. We're crossing our paws and purring for you, Jackie. Thanks for the update ! Purrs

  50. Our paws are crossed that you get good news from your doctors. We're sending healing purrs.

  51. We've been thinking of you and praying for you often! Paint us VERY worried - you mean so much to us [truly ... we should tell you more often]. Sending you love. Just when I think I've found my favorite picture of one of the boys - another one comes up that beat the last!

  52. Thanks so much for your kind words when I left for the bridge. I sit beside Eric and Flynn and we look out in Ginger Glory over our forever farmland. Thank you for keeping the fun going and I wish you as healthy as you can be
    Love you Friends
    Timmy Tomcat and Family

  53. There's no place like home, and a head MRI, especially in the summer - not fun at all, not that any MRI is fun. I'm thinking of you and will hope all the news is good.

  54. We hadda ask TBT ta look up TIAs (He dint know either). Glad ta hear it doesnt have permanent effects.

    Loved the pic of Eric drinkin outside. We prefer outside water too. Not that we dont have fresh water inside most evry day, but we like the pond water better. Flavors of frogs, bugs, fishies...


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